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I am Annie, and I like to make pretty things for you right here in Brooklyn, NY.

All materials I use are sourced and purchased from vendors here in the USA.

My ever-evolving inventory of handmade accessories and gifts are made in limited quantities, to keep things unique and fresh. So if you love it get it today, because these are gifts you'll want to keep :)

Packaged for gift-giving to others or yourself.


Gift Shop Brooklyn


After years in New York's fashion industry as a graphic designer, I felt a powerful force pushing me in a new direction. Who am I to argue? I gained so much knowledge working in those big companies, which I am truly grateful for. However, I also learned it's not where I want to be forever.

I guess I was destined to have a gift shop; as a child I would artfully display my belongings and put a sign on the door 'Annie's Gift Shop'. Who doesn't love a gift shop?!

I truly am inspired so much by nature. Just walk outside and there's millions of things to be inspired by, whether city or country.  At different points in my life, or year, or day I can look at the same thing and see it in a completely new way. I realize Im not the first person to be inspired by nature, but I find it amazing how we can all be inspired so uniquely by it.

I am a pretty practical person; I feel designs should have form AND function. I USE all of my designs to ensure ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and versatility. If at the end of the day I don't love it, it goes back to the drawing board or on the back burner, or just tossed on the 'prototype' pile. 
I also make sure all my designs are items I personally would love to give as gifts, (and keep for myself). 

handmade |ˈhan(d)ˈmād|
Made by hand, not by machine, and typically therefore of superior quality